Friday, June 13, 2008

A Full, Fun Friday

We had a really good time this morning with the local Families with Children from China 2/3-year old play group. Unfortunately, we didn't take any group shots and I don't know the families well enough to know how they would feel about me posting some of the individual kid shots, so I'm just posting pics of my kiddos. (Trust me, all of the kids were adorable!) We had a full day. Early a.m. mani/pedi for Mia and Leila (Mia's first pedi!), trip to the other side of town to go strawberry picking with the FCC families, a picnic at a local park, followed by some swingin' and slidin' and then back home for naps. After naps it was off to the pool for some swimming and having dinner at the club. Whew! I'm ready for bed. But it was a FUN day. My mom's here tonight and we have friends coming into town tomorrow for a Girls Day Out. I'm looking forward to it.

Leila Frame


Leila was our hard worker. She picked three quarts of strawberries for us.


Here is Mia proudly displaying her sister's work.
Here is Mia after she dumped all of her sister's work, but
before she stepped all over the strawberries and made berry squish.
She didn't quite understand the whole strawberry picking thing.
Mia Frame 2
Leila Frame 2


Sarah said...

once again, beautiful photography!

Joe and Jane said...

Sounds like you already had a Girls Day Out! What exhausting fun!

And way to go Mia on being potty trained!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

the blog looks wonderful! The strawberries look so yummy! Looks like a great playday! I am so glad you kept your header. I Truly love it. It is VERY original!

LaLa said...

Seriously, how do you get anything done?? I would just be staring at them all day : )

kris said...

I think I would have preferred spending Friday with you guys rather than be working! What fun, and great pics!

Ronda said...

Love matching outfits and your new blog design. Your girls hair always looks tell your secrets?