Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Got Back - A Cry for Help

Warning: Don't try this at home, folks. I completely forgot the swim diapers on our little weekend trip and had to use a regular diaper for Mia to go swimming. (I'm just full of unintended weekend experiments, aren't I?) There is no warning on the package that says that, when immersed in water, a diaper can hold five times the weight of... the child. Honestly, these pictures just do not do it justice. I can't recall when I have laughed so hard. It didn't slow our water baby down too much, though, except when she tried to squeeze the water out of it every so often (see bottom photo). But this leads me to my bigger dilemma. Calling all moms out there reading this: Mia has no desire to potty train. Zero. Zip. None. On our two recent trips, I think my mom thought SHE could get the job done with us away (You did, didn't you?) and she, too, was met with resistance. To quote my mom, "Mia uses the toilet like a Laz*y Boy." She is 31-months old and I was really hoping to be out of swim diapers by summer. Of the countless times she has sat on the potty, she has only gone tinkle three times. (I know. I know. It has to be on their time. They'll do it when they're ready.) But I'm still seeking help, please! Does anyone have any suggestions to help speed up her time?


Bella's mama said...

This is too funny~ Thank you for the laugh first thing this morning.

Hope you have a wonderful week~

Amie said...

now that is funny. I am serisouly LOL on this one, no LQ! ;) I have to tell you if Grandma can't get it done.. IT might not be happenin... I am sure you have tried everything I have tried, but I will shoot you an e-mai later and let you know what worked with us!

Hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!


Ashley Winters said...

Funny! I will be sure to use swim diapers this summer with my little one.

DiJo said...

Hilarious!!!! I need to check in here more often!! Your site is wonderful, and your girls.... ADORABLE!! I just love your pictures. Especially, the scrap book pages in the Iris! Plus, the sister pics on the side bar! Beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Joe and Jane said...

This is hilarious!

I thought I had your e-mail address but I checked and I guess I don't... I can describe my experience (of all of one child) and what worked for us. Jia trained in two days but was pretty interested. I used a combination of the Dr. Phil and my own method. I imagine you've tried everything too, but if you're interested give me a shout! Rydley at gmail dot com.

mommy24treasures said...

Isn't it AMAZING how heavy a diaper can get???
With mine we did the run around nakey thing with little potties sitting everywhere where they wouldn't have to bother going to the bathroom. Seems to be a big thing not wanting to go to the trouble of going all the way to the bathroom. After they got the hang of it we slowly let the little potties dissappear and they went to the big potty.
Good luck :)
Caitlyn is 3 and still using diaper for nap and night.