Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4 Kids & A Funeral

Unfortunately, my dad's eldest sister passed away over the weekend and we attended her funeral today. She was a very sweet lady and I wish I would have taken more time to visit or send cards over the years. I hate looking back with regret, so I plan to do better in the future.

The kids did really well. Lucy slept during the entire funeral, Jorge and Leila were very good and Mia did well until the last 10 minutes, at which time I took her outside to the car. Not bad for her, considering she doesn't typically sit down at all. The kids got to be kids again at the gathering after the funeral for family and close friends. They quietly played ring-a-round the rosie, leap frog and entertained themselves in many ways... including putting salt and pepper in Mia's pudding. They also entertained our family that needed a little pick-me-up.

Fish Face


Leslie said...

O My Michelle, you have been one busy lady here lately.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt. I know the kids did lighten some sad hearts today. They are just precious, and I love coming and looking at all the new posts your doing with all four of them at your house..WoW. They are just so precious.

Congrats on your newest family member also. He's adorable.

Joe and Jane said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. Kids always bring a lightness to things, don't they? Glad you're surrounded by them during this sad time.

Walker said...

Sorry about the passing of your Aunt.
Looks like the children helped out on the cheering up part. Too cute. Were they playing leap frog?