Sunday, January 27, 2008

Silly Weekend Pics

This weekend whizzed by just like every other. Nolan and I just returned from watching a satellite broadcast of an Atheism vs. Theism debate at our church. Wow - did that get heated! I wish I could be as well spoken as Dr. Jay Richards. Yes, we hired a babysitter and that was our date night. That's what old married couples do. :-) (We did squeeze in dinner, too.)

Here are some silly pictures of the girls that I took this weekend. Enjoy!

p.s. No, Mia did NOT finish the giant wedge of Rice Krispy treat. :-)

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mommy24treasures said...

great pics. YOur date night sounds about like one we would have, if we ever did have one that is!
WOW on the desserts! Never heard of Noodles I will have to see if we have one around. Don't want to miss out on those!