Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crazy Hair, Crazy Girls

Tonight was Crazy Hair Night at Leila's Wednesday night church program. Mia is too young to "officially" attend, but she doesn't know that. She thinks she is every bit a part of the program as Leila is. When the kids went up on stage for the crazy hair judging, Mia marched right up there with Leila. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness it, but Nolan filled me in on the details. Our kind youth pastor included Mia in the judging and Nolan said she got tons of cheers from the room full of kids. I can just picture the look of pride on Leila's face as Mia stood by her side.


mommy24treasures said...

love the crazy hair! Yes you are more than welcome to add me to your blog list, I am honored:)

Leslie said...

Now that's cute. I can't wait till my Lily can have pigtails like that. Both their hair do's look like just as much fun as they do.

Yes, I would be honored if you added my blog to your blogroll. I've already added yours to mine.

Chris & Deb said...

Looks like Crazy Hair Night was a success! I too would be honored o be added to your blog list! Thanks!

DiJo said...

Hi Michelle!
CUTE pics!!!! Thanks for stopping by The Ruby & Pearl's site.. Yes, you can add us to your favorites. Thanks for thinking of us!