Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Little Helper

Mia just cracks me up each and every day... the funny faces she makes, her deep belly laughs, her cute little giggles, her adorable toddler talk and her surprising behavior. This morning, we volunteered in the toddler room at our church. Mia doesn't like being left in the toddler room, but when Nolan and I volunteer, she loves it. She turns into our little helper. She helps hand out the snacks and sippy cups. She goes around the room and picks up the fallen snacks on the floor and puts them in the trash can. But what I love best is when she tries to calm the crying children. There were two children this morning, who, like Mia, do not appreciate being left without mommy and daddy. Typically, she would get jealous when we hold other children, but instead, she would pat their backs and say, "Shhhh.... It otay. Shhhh...." I just love seeing this nurturing side of her.

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