Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mia in Motion - A True Story

This second photo is so appropriate for Mia. She is constantly in motion. After a very long morning that started with soccer photos at 7:30 a.m. followed by a soccer game, we had to trek across town to talk to a group of families considering adoption. The meeting was running behind, our girls were tired and restless, and of course, Mia would not sit down. I don't even recall what I said to the group, as I could not think of anything but getting Mia to stop running circles around the room. I had my notes with me of all the points I wanted to cover, but I don't think I hit any of them. After the meeting, but still with a room full or potential adoptive families, Mia started to undress. First her socks and shoes. Nothing new. She does that all the time. Then her pants. That one... that's new. We pulled them back up, she pulled them back down. Oh, my dear, sweet Mia. Did we help or hinder the process for families considering adoption? If we don't get an invite back to speak again, I think I'll understand. :-)

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