Friday, July 06, 2007

Mia's First Fourth of July

We went to Nolan's parents in Ripley, West Virginia as we always do on July 4. Ripley is home to the Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Parade in the US. Nolan's parents live right on the parade route, so we just sit at the bottom of their hill and the kids collect tons of candy. Isn't it nice Leila gets a parade and fireworks just for her birthday?

Mia has tried cotton candy several times - each time she has made a yucky face and wants no part of it. Ripley cotton candy must be better than the rest, because she ate all of Leila's while Leila was busy trying to climb a rock wall.

Mia wishes it was Leila's birthday every day. Mmmm... Yummy cake!
"Hey, I enjoy this parade stuff. But what's so great about collecting the candy when you can't eat all of it?"

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