Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bikes & Blades

Leila went to her first roller skating birthday party yesterday. (Walking in was such an '80s flashback. Couple skate, anyone?) Leila has been blessed with the ability to pick up most things pretty easily. Not so much for roller skating. I'm quite surprised she didn't want to just hang up her skates after the first 15-minutes or so of constant falling. But, she picked herself right back up again each time. (We can learn a lot from kids!) We traded in the roller skates for roller blades and she did much better - especially with some one-on-one coaching from a rink staff member. She has many bruises to remember the day, but she had a great time learning something new. (Note to all moms out there: Don't wear sandals to teach your child to roller skate. I think my feet are as bruised as her legs and bottom. Ouch!)

Leila came home and rode her bike down the street. Oh where, oh where has my baby gone?

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Denise Sierra said...

Hello Michelle--

This is Denise Sierra, from MI. I was looking through some of my favorites and was glad to see you have kept the website updated. I plan on checking it out in more details. The angels are beautiful and growing too fast! Tell the huby I said "wat up?" Have a wonderful summer.