Friday, December 22, 2006

We Are Marshall!

This one's for you, Nolan! Leila is wearing her Marshall cheerleading uniform to school and Mia is wearing green (Thanks, Jules!) in honor of opening day of "We Are Marshall", the movie. Nolan has been talking about this movie since before they even started filming. The movie honors the entire football team, crew and family members that died in the tragic plane crash in 1970 and follows the rebuilding of the team and town of Huntington, West Virginia. Nolan got his bachelor's and master's degrees at Marshall University and spent five years a part of their basketball program. Since this is a movie about team-building, he is taking his Ohio team to the movie today. Unfortunately, I don't think little Mia is up for a movie quite yet, so I'll have to sit this one out. I'm headed to the theatre on my own sometime this weekend.

(Speaking of Nolan's team (both Ohio and Michigan), THANK YOU for your generous donation to the Half the Sky Foundation on Mia's behalf. I'd like to give you a little public recognition for such an AWESOME gift!!!)

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