Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Twas a Christmas to Remember

Well... we had an enjoyable Christmas morning, but the rest of the day was not exactly as we had envisioned.Our story starts on Christmas Eve, when Mia slept a little over one hour, had a fever and coughed horribly all night. Fortunately, Mia found the energy to get through Christmas morning and opening the presents. However, we spent our Christmas Day afternoon in the emergency room. A chest x-ray was able to conclude that Mia has pneumonia. We're just thankful she finally has an accurate diagnosis that we can treat. We're also very thankful she has been eating and drinking today. She was nearly dehydrated and we would have had to admit her to the hospital had she not started drinking. Today was a good day and her spirits are nearly back to normal. Yesterday, she didn't want to do anything but be held. Today, she has once again taken over the house. She and Leila have enjoyed playing with all their new toys. We had a few bumps during our first Christmas together, but being together was the important thing. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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