Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh, what a WONDERFUL day!

Exactly two weeks ago, Mia was placed into my arms and I have been working hard to gain her trust ever since. Two weeks seems to be Mia's magic number, because she woke up this morning after her first good night's sleep since returning home and we have had a ball all day long! We were very concerned how she would feel waking up with Nolan already gone to work, but she whined about 20 seconds and we have been smiling and giggling all day. It was like she woke up and thought, "Yeah, this just feels right. This feels like my family."

We are both now trying to make up for lost time, as she wants me to hold her at all moments. It is amazing how much love I can feel for someone I have only known for such a short time, but it seems like she has been with us forever. We have been truly blessed with wonderful children.

Here is a poem that sums up how I have felt with both of our daughters.
Today I kissed an angel
I knew it from the start
The first time that my angel smiled at me
I gave away my heart.
Today I kissed an angel
This angel child of mine
Though not of my creation
My child by God’s design.
Today I kissed an angel
My heart is dancing wild
Our family, by a miracle
Blessed by our angel child
- Brenda Meese

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Jennifer Morgan said...

Michelle and Nolan, (excuse the gushing-- I am overwhelmed!)

I am moved beyond words. Day by day, entry by entry, I was captivated and felt like I was right there with you! Thank you for generously sharing your experiences with Mia-- and Leila, too. Congratulations to both of you and your baby girls for building such a strong, beautiful family! It takes so much work and love-- and your story shows how easily it can be achieved! Your generous hearts and perseverence to share your love and make a safe & happy home for your children is overwhelmingly commendable. Thank you, thank you for setting such a beautiful example of how amazing life can be!! Congratulations again! Merry, Merry Christmas & the most Fabulous New Year to you! Love, Jenn