Saturday, December 02, 2006

First full day in Guangzhou - Mia and Mommy holding hands

8:30 p.m. Saturday - Images are taking way too long to download tonight, so I won't get all the pictures posted that I wanted, but here are a few. We started out today with a short walk to get the kids' visa photos taken. Then it was off to get medical exams for all the children. Mia did ok until they had us get her down to her birthday suit. Then it was tears for the exam, weight, ear and height check. We were still proud of how well she did. Then, it was free day for the rest of the day!!! Do you know what that means in Guangzhou? SHOPPING!!! I've been going through a bit of withdrawal, so I tried to make up for some lost time. Many things are so inexpensive here that you really feel bad paying so little for things. For example, I bought four pairs of squeeky shoes and the total for all four was 100 Yuen - or slightly less than $13 US dollars. I'm talking nice leather kids shoes with squeeky soles. Mia LOVES her new shoes. She walks and walks and walks and I can hear her down the street if I stop in a store (Nolan's with her, of course). The good thing is I always know where she is.

I expected to see a few other American adoptive families, but I have been amazed by how many we have seen. The White Swan is the primary hotel for adoptive parents in Guangzhou, so the stores around the hotel cater to the American families. Cheap laundry services, free stroller rentals, free Internet - all to attract our business. We had tons of laundry done today - two big bags full - for the same price I paid to have three pieces done at the last hotel.

We're going to a Buddhist Temple tomorrow morning and then another sightseeing stop. Then, it's more free time to tour the area and go shopping in the afternoon. We have three more days in China and I would love to have more time in Guangzhou, but we are anxious to get home to Leila and our own beds. (Did I mention they like hard beds and hard pillows in China?)

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