Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our last full day in Nanjing

Today was a good day. Correction... a GREAT day!! Mia and I made much progress. She showed us much more of her personality. She smiled and giggled a lot with Nolan and I and she even gave me several kisses!!!! That was the highlight of my day. She still only wants Nolan to hold her, but she let me feed her, kiss her, tickle her and get close to her. Sure, I'd love to be holding her in my arms, but it's only the fourth day and I'm pleased we have made this much progress. The good thing is that wherever we go, all the locals smile at her and want to reach out to her or hold her. (Just like her big sis, she is such an adorable little girl!) She doesn't want anything to do with them. That's a good sign.

We leave for Guangzhou tomorrow afternoon. The weather is much warmer, we have more freedom to walk around the hotel vs. taking cabs everywhere and we'll have a new hotel room. I'm very optimistic about our change of scenery.

Leila - 6 days and we'll be home!!! We miss you SOOOO much! We show your picture to Mia all the time and tell her what a great big sister she has.

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